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Coal in the Philippines: A Filipino American’s Perspective

bradleyWhen I think of coal, the first thing that comes to mind is the dirty, foul puffs of smoke billowing out of the smoke stacks of coal power plants, drifting into the atmosphere and surrounding environments. I also think of soot and ash spreading around buildings and homes, and seeping into people’s clothing, skin, and lungs. I think of images and videos that I’ve seen of coal miners emerging out of mines, covered in blackened coal residue. I think of media reports and personal stories about people living in the vicinity of coal mines and power plants in West Virginia, South Carolina, and other Appalachian states considered part of America’s “coal country” region who’ve gotten sick with respiratory and other illnesses. I think of people coughing and sneezing and having difficulty breathing. I think of dirty, sooty, smoky, and hazy air. Basically, I think of the pollution of the air, the land, and human health caused by the mining, burning, and storage of coalRead More!



energy transformation now!Several years ago, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice has been calling for urgent actions to limit the increase in the average temperature of the earth to below one degree Celsius (from pre-industrialization level). Today, the increase in temperature is already nearly one degree and scientists are now saying that this is no longer physically possible to keep it from reaching one degree.

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PMCJ Press Release on Pres. Duterte’s statement on Paris Agreement

President Duterte is right in asserting Rich Countries Historical  Responsibility but must keep Paris Agreement, Climate Justice group asserts

The Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, the largest climate justice group in the Philippines supports President Duterte’s statement that rich countries must face up to the climate crisis they have caused. “The president is actually invoking historical responsibility enshrined in United Nations Climate Change Convention,” argues Mr. Ian Rivera, the National Coordinator of Philippine Movement for Climate Justice.

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