Adaptation and Rehabilitation

On December 16, 2013, more than a month after Typhoon Yolanda (int’l Haiyan) ravaged the Philippines, the national government unveiled its assessment and recovery plan under the Rehabilitation Assistance on Yolanda (RAY).
As the government’s strategic plan to guide the recovery and reconstruction of the economy, lives and livelihoods of communities in areas worst affected by the typhoon, RAY aims to restore the economic and social conditions of these areas to their pre-typhoon levels – at the very least – while ‘building back better’ to ensure a higher level of disaster resilience.1 RAY outlines the government’s intervention ranging from critical immediate actions (first six months after Yolanda), short term (2014) and medium term (2015-2017) responses with expected outputs in housing, infrastructure, facilities, and utilities; employment opportunities; assistance with livelihoods and support for cross-cutting social and environmental objectives. [Read more]

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