PMCJ during the 13th National Marian Day of Pilgrimage, held in Batangas where one of the central theme is the reflection on what is happening to our COMMON HOME. Yesterday’s motorcade started in Lipa, Batangas and passed at Brgy. Simlong, Batangas City which is located near the controversial Naptha Cracker Plant and the site of the JG Summit 600 MW coal-fired power plant. Residents of Brgy. Simlong and Brgy. Pinamucan Ibaba already complain about the foul odor and loud noise emanating from the Naptha Cracker Plant, which resulted to nausea and vomiting of children and elderly. According to the resident of the 2 baranggays, there is also an observed rise in the number of deaths related upper respiratory diseases and a number of kids suffering from skin irritations. Residents are worried that if a coal plant is built, this will aggravate the worst condition they are now in.




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