We have made history

we have made history bannerToday, thousands of people marched to Quezon City Circle to register the real demands of the people in the coming COP21 climate talks in Paris.We marched from different places in the country, coming from different sectors of society to demand nothing less than climate justice, which can only be possible through changes in the system. We have called people of all faiths to protect our common home, by shifting from a destructive and divisive approach to how we treat the earth.We have demanded our right to food, land and water, threatened by the profit-oriented and exploitative system by which we produce goods.We have challenged the countries of the world to commit to deep and historically-just emissions cuts in order to keep the climate crisis from worsening.We have urged the rich, industrialized countries with the most contributions to climate change to pay reparations for the vulnerable people of developing countries.We have called for a just, rapid transition to systems of production and consumption which will not only respect the environment, but the rights and dignity of the workers, small food producers and the poor.We have challenged our government to transform our energy from a fossil-fuel dependent path to a path of sustainable, people-centered renewable energy.

We have made our mark in history. We have done our part. Let us now look to Paris with a renewed sense of urgency and vigilance.

#NowIsTheTime for climate justice!
System Change now!

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